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Classified ad board for emotional experiences

Emotions.market is a trading name of Video Marketing Ltd, a limited company (10352491) incorporated in England.

Registered Data Controller ZB352590. Get in touch with us at hello (a) emotions.market


The purpose of Emotions.market is to offer a place for sensory and emotion provoking experiences to be imagined, created, designed, published and found. Using Plutchik's wheel of emotions and three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist our experience creators take emotional support to a new level by offering multisensory and emotion-provoking experiences. 

 The idea behind Emotions Market is to facilitate post pandemic human reconnection. With so much loneliness for some, and being under pressure for others, emotional aggression, emotional pain and numbness and suppressed emotions can all lead to an emotional imbalance. Emotions.market aims to help with these, by putting people in touch with people and establishing those emotional connections. We do not handle messages, payments or transactions. We do not vet users. It's free to post emotional experiences.


Our services

We do moderate listings and for a £25 fee we test and verify emotional experiences for creators. Creators publish experiences and interested buyers can find their contact details on the listing page. Learn more about our paid services.

Our mission is to facilitate growth of P2P emotional experiences - join!

 Visit our creator zone to learn about creation of  sensory and emotional experiences.  Here at Emotions.market we offer £25 Experience Check Service. We do look for help with moderation, creator development, experience checking service - get in touch if you are interested.

We are here to help magic happen

Emotional experience recipients - buyers - come to Emotions.market for sensory, emotional enrichment or emotional release. Emotional experiences offered by experience creators are based on 32 emotions by Plutchik's Wheel. Considering why an emotional experience may be wanted, our creators make popular experiences designed to offer emotional experience recipients an opportunity to channel their negative emotions like anger, rage, terror, sadness, or disgust, find closure, find answers to questions and enrich life with positive emotions like serenityacceptance, ecstasy and joy. Each experience is unique.

 Medical aspects of emotional experiences 

Our emotional experience creators are mostly just normal people, without medical training or education but with high emotional intelligence. Each experience listing will suggest if the emotional experience creator is offering medical advice or whether a recipient (buyer) should source it prior to this experience. In general, however, emotions.market is not a suitable place to advertise medical services - here we work purely with senses and emotions. 

We stand in between a friend and a doctor

For mental health concerns please see this advice for the UK and Mental health crisis helplines page.

We don't want to charge VAT on hugs and deal with complaints

Unlike many websites, we do not handle messages, payments or transactions and we are not responsible for what happens during the experience. Yet until 02.03.23 experience creators can publish their experience for free, as a base for their future income. Here are 10 reasons why you should become an experience creator on emotions.market. 

Our plans for the future

We welcome new and experienced creators to join and post their emotional experiences for free on emotions.market. Our emotional experience listings will become paid after 02.03.23. We also look for volunteers, wishing to help us develop this project into something wonderful and great. 


Emotions Market – a classified ad board for multisensory and emotion-provoking experiences