Feb 17, 23


5 Ways to Suppress your Anger

5 Ways to Suppress your Anger

Although learning to healthily handle your anger is highly important, bottling up rage can be damaging in the end. Here on Emotions Market we specialise on making angry people - happy people. If you require assistance to conceal your feelings during a difficult instance, here are some useful methods that may assist you:

1.    Take deep breaths:

One of the most effective ways to temporarily suppress or manage anger is to take slow, deep breaths. Doing this can help calm your nervous system & provide you with a moment of pause so you can decide how best to respond in a given situation. Taking deep breaths helps reduce stress hormones like adrenaline & cortisol which can contribute to a heightened sense of anger.

2.    Walk away:

In times when the situation is too overwhelming, it's beneficial to step away & take a few moments for yourself. Go on a quick walk or drive if possible - this will provide you with ample opportunity to contemplate your situations & return feeling more composed with sharper insight into how best to manage them.

3.    Count to ten:

This is probably one of the best techniques. This helps you calm down & take a few breaths before responding to a situation or outburst of anger. Take deep breaths, Close your eyes & focus on your breathing. Focusing on your breathing pattern can also be calming & helps you regain some control over the emotion of anger.

4.    Use positive self-talk:

Using positive self-talk is another useful technique to help suppress anger in the moment. Doing this can help you reframe difficult situations, put things into perspective & recognize that anger is not always the right response. Through positive self-talk, you can remind yourself of your values, practice gratitude & focus on solutions over anger. It's important to be mindful of the language you use when talking to yourself. Try to speak encouragingly & replace negative thoughts with positive ones. For instance, if your anger is caused by feeling overwhelmed or stressed about a situation, instead of telling yourself "I'll never get this done," tell yourself "I can do this one step at a time." Remind yourself that even though anger may be natural in certain situations, it doesn't mean it's helpful or necessary in all circumstances. Furthermore, telling yourself positive affirmations can help reduce the power anger has on you. These don't need to be anything grandiose; just phrases like "I'm okay" or "Things will work out" will do the trick! At the end of the day, practicing positive self-talk can help to diminish anger while also providing us with a moment to collect our ideas & create more constructive reactions.

5.    Distract yourself:

Distracting yourself is another helpful way to suppress anger in the moment. Choose a distraction that works for you, such as listening to music, or reading a book, or engaging in a creative activity like drawing. Activities like these can provide an external focus and allow you to temporarily shift your attention away from the anger-triggering situation. This can give you the time and breathing room to reflect on the anger-inducing circumstances with more clarity. All in all, anger is a natural emotion that we all experience from time to time. It's important to remember that anger is not always productive or helpful and can sometimes take control of us if we don't take the time to manage it.


We hope following top 5 ways to suppress your anger will help you understand the techniques how you can effectively manage your anger issues & restore the smile back on your face! Alternatively feel free to explore anger related experiences on Emotions Market. Let our creators help you manage your anger healthily and confidentially. Learn about 10 Healthy Ways To Release Your AngerHow To Healthily Divert Your Anger - 7 Unusual Ways and 5 Signs of An Angry Person to Look Out For