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Emotional experience is a limited time span of life when a person is experiencing one of more emotions.   Learn more in our Creator Zone 


What is emotional experience and why someone would want it?

Who are emotional experience creators and  buyers?

How to create emotional experience, restrictions and moderation

 On this page, we are publishing articles relevant to emotional and sensory experiences, relevant to creators and emotional experience recipients.

How to buy an emotional experience?

Will my emotional experience be popular?

5 reasons why your emotional experience should not be listed on emotions.market

Buying an emotional experience - what should I share with creator?

Emotional experience creator is asking me uncomfortable questions

Emotional release experiences  

Emotional enrichment experiences 

Our sensesSensory experiences - Sensory experience recipient (buyer)

Creating an emotional experience 

Emotional regulation

Emotional balance

Listening experiences

Emotional aggression

Employee emotional experience

NFT your emotional experience

Emotional overwhelm

Emotional exhaustion

Emotional breakdown

Emotional state

Play experiences involving emotions

Emotional imbalance

Emotional suppression and emotional repression

Endorphin release

10 Reasons to become an experience creator on emotions.market

Tactile experiences and emotions

Addressing your fears and phobias through an emotional experience

Emotional experience directory

Experiencing positive emotions

What emotions do we like to experience? 

The smell of emotions

Emotion classification

Why do I take my anger out on my loved ones

Emotional service provider

Emotional experience reviews

Impact of Positive Emotional Experiences on Persons with Mild Mental Health Issues

How do I stop myself from yelling?

Emotional pain

Emotional avoidance

Emotional support

Emotional caregiving

Understanding cat emotions

Sensual experience 

Multisensory experiences

Emotional suppression – 5 red flags not to miss

Blindfold experiences – how deprivation of the sense of sight can make a life experience very special

7 reasons why people hide their emotions

7 reasons why we shout 

Emotional release - 5 reasons why it is important to regularly release your emotions

How can Humour and Laughter Reduce the Emotional Aggression of a Person?

Sensory and emotional experiences with animals - 5 ways it can help you

10 Healthy Ways To Release Your Anger

11 Most Common Embarrassing Situations of Emotional Release

Emotional Benefits of Crying

10 Ways to Achieve Emotional Detox

Can Shouting Be Diverted?

Why Does It Feel So Good to Squeeze Something? Or Even to Watch It?

Dance therapy - how can it help with the emotional release?

Expressive suppression of emotions - 5 dangers to know

Demolition Experiences - Why Does It Feel Good To Destroy Something?

Top 8 Emotional Therapy that You Should Consider

Taste And Smell Experiences

14 Alternative Therapies For An Endorphin Release

ASMR & How Does It Work To Make Your Brain Relaxed? Nitty-Gritty Explained

Can an emotional release be triggered by senses?

Letting Go Through the Healing Power of Sound Therapy

How Experiencing Particular Emotions In A Safe Setting On Pre-Agreed Terms Can Help With Mild Mental Health Issues

How can art therapy help with emotional release?