Experience crafting starts with an emotion


Here at Emotions.market we refer to 32 emotions by Plutchik's Wheel - Acceptance, Admiration, Aggressiveness, Amazement, Anger, Annoyance, Anticipation, Apprehension, Awe, Boredom, Contempt, Disappointment, Disgust, Distraction, Ecstasy, Fear, Grief, Interest, Joy, Loathing, Love, Optimism, Pensiveness, Rage, Remorse, Sadness, Serenity, Submission, Surprise, Terror, Trust, Vigilance.

Learn more in our Creator zone. When crafting an experience  of emotional release and emotional enrichment, the first step is to decide which of the recipient’s emotions are to be addressed. 

The before, during and after perspective


A person may be experiencing negative emotions like anger, annoyance, remorse, sadness, loathing or vigilance . When creating an experience you may wish to offer the buyer an opportunity to release their trapped emotionslisten or talk. Help them express via art or dance therapy, emotion-focused activities or energy practices. The importance of helping people have these emotional releases and creating an emotional balance can not be underestimated.


During the experience, the buyer may be wishing to experience a particular emotion such as awe, serenity, submission, amazement or surprise. Those emotions can be achieved with various play, travel, sensual, immersive or humour experiences. Alternatively, particular emotions may be triggered during the experience - such as anticipation, fear, trust, optimism or distraction. To trigger those emotions, creators offer virtual companionship experiences, taste and smell and sensory as well as emotion-focused or energy-based therapies.


As the result of experience, a person may be wishing to be left with positive emotions, such as acceptance, joy, serenity or love. To achieve these, animal, photo and video as well as tech experiences are great. Sometimes long experiences and experience hosting can be life-changing for a recipient.

Focus on the emotions of the client

Having an emotional experience of a desired kind, can help with healthy emotional regulation and improve someone's emotional balance. Learn why people want emotional experiences, how to buy one, what to share with creators and visit our creator zone to start making your own popular emotional experiences.

Using Plutchik's wheel of emotions and three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist our experience creators take emotional support to a new level by offering multisensory and emotion-provoking experiences. Our creators provide an emotional service, sometimes tapping into secret and personal feelings that we feel we can’t support elsewhere. The support they provide can help support mental health, but should never replace advice and treatment provided by medical professionals.


Some good resources

PyPlutchik: Visualising and comparing emotion-annotated corpora

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