Creator FAQs


How does it work?

Buying the emotional experience rests between you and the seller/creator. Simply find the experience listing you like and get in touch with the seller via their contact details on the listing. See our terms for details.

Why would someone want an emotional experience?

Emotions enrich life. Covid and the current world crisis had a devastating effect on many people and  experiencing something emotionally positive can make an invisible change in our lives. We may have had to dig deep and carry on, suppressing any emotions. Now it may be the time to address those emotions.

Here at you can find various emotional releases, emotional enrichment and sensory experiences published by our creators, that will allow you to find better emotional balance, improve your mental wellbeing and avoid emotional overwhelm. Read more about an emotional experience and why someone would want it.

How do I choose an experience?

Emotional experiences can be classified as an emotional release, emotional enrichment and  sensory experiences. You can choose based on the category of experience and filter by emotion on the homepage. The experience may be real-life or virtual. It may be paid or free. There are no ratings and no vetting of sellers except our experience verification service - where we test experiences for creators, giving them a Verified badge. 

How do I choose the emotion?

Ask yourself - what is bothering you? Your mind will give you an answer, and you can pick from 32 emotions by Plutchik's Wheel of emotions: Acceptance, Admiration, Aggressiveness, Amazement, Anger, Annoyance, Anticipation, Apprehension, Awe, Boredom, Contempt, Disappointment, Disgust, Distraction, Ecstasy, Fear, Grief, Interest, Joy, Loathing, Love, Optimism, Pensiveness, Rage, Remorse, Sadness, Serenity, Submission, Surprise, Terror, Trust, Vigilance.

You can pick an emotion by taking the before, during and after perspective. If you have not yet identified which emotion you want to work with - just browse the experiences – we have new exciting additions every day. 

Who are the creators?

Our experience creators are emotional caregivers - they focus on the recipient of the experience, allowing them to live through the desired emotions in a pre-agreed way. They are emotionally intelligent individuals, yet strangers, so by design they will use their skills to help others process their emotions.

How do I communicate with the creator/seller?

Find their contact details on the experience listing page. 

How do I pay?

Directly to the seller. We do not control or facilitate transactions, and we do not take responsibility for anything that might happen to you during your experience. Our sellers accept numerous payment methods.

How do I prepare for receiving an experience?

Every emotional experience is different. For some you may need some napkins, old photos or letters and a drink. Other experiences may require some real preparation like fasting, treating your body, reading or doing homework. Your emotional experience creator will advise you on how best to prepare. However, we are not certified medical professionals, and your creator is just another human being, and can miss something. Make your own judgment. Do not be shy to ask your creator questions, including how and when to pay, what other buyers say and the purpose of the experience. Ask if a friend can accompany you, if concerned.

Will there be a physical touch between myself and the creator? 

This is one of the questions we ask creators when they post listings. This should allow you, as buyer, to understand, if physical contact, beyond the handshake, is to be expected. Physical touch is usually an attribute of sensory experiences - where the sensory experience recipient (buyer) is being cared (in very broad terms) for by the experience creator.

This experience can fulfill a childhood dream

Many of us have childhood dreams - sometimes they are very funny or strange (like eating cherries on a motorbike, playing with young bulldog puppies or being entertained with a serenade), but fulfilling them can tick the box, give a closure, and allow you to move on to having different dreams. Creators of the experience have a field on the listing to indicate the kind of dream someone can fulfill. 

How do I thank the creator?

Let them know! We would also appreciate it if you can rate us on Google, Trustpilot, Brownbook, Hotfrog or Yell.

What if I am dissatisfied with the experience?

Please click on report a problem on the listing and let us know. We strive to help creators grow and improve. We would not be able to help with your dissatisfaction, though. It may be a good approach to treat your dissatisfaction as part of your emotional experience

Are there any risks involved?

Experience Creators outline possible risks on the experience listing page. These can be, for example, feeling dizzy, getting dirty, needing a mosquito repellent, having marks on your skin, being kicked by the llama, etc.  

Are experiences suitable for everyone?

Our experiences are not suitable for individuals under 18, pregnant women (unless approved by the doctor) and anyone who attends under the influence of drink or drugs. If you are currently in a mental health crisis - please see this page. Our experience creators are not trained to help in such circumstances, but there are many places offering support. If you are looking for medical services - is not the platform for it. 

Is Emotions.Market a strictly P2P platform?

Yes, companies have millions of places to advertise, here we connect people with people.

What can I receive here?

Our creators offer emotional release, emotional enrichment and sensory experiences to emotional and sensory experience recipients for the purposes of having a good emotional state via emotional regulation aiming to achieve emotional balance, manage emotional aggression and control emotional overwhelm, alongside with emotional exhaustion and avoid emotional breakdown. Endorphin release can also be wanted by buyers