Posted on 2023-05-30
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Bloodbath Immersive Experience

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Hailed as the Punchdrunk or Secret Cinema of the horror genre, Bloodbath by ScreamWorks is a 70-minute immersive experience that’ll have you questioning whether it is a real event at all; or, rather, a sinister plot by a cunning serial killer to find the parts he needs to complete his Great Work.

As a guest, you’ll be taken into the family home of Jack and Abel in Bethnal Green, where nothing is as it seems and your fate will lie in the balance.

Outwit these two killers and you might just make it out alive.

While this event is not for the faint-hearted, it is more of a psychological thriller than a traditional ‘haunted house’ attraction.

By entering BLOODBATH you provide your advance consent to being touched and tied up (hands only). However, you will not be harmed and you can revoke your consent to the above at any time by using a safe word (“RED”) or a safe action (Raise both your hands into the air). Jack may unzip, unbutton or lift up items of your outer clothing but you will be given ample opportunity to use your safe word should this make you feel uncomfortable - it’s most guests’ favourite part!

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Bloodbath is NOT an extreme horror experience. Far from it! You will see from all our Google reviews (average score 4.9*) that fun is the word which our customers most commonly use to describe their experience of Bloodbath. Both the story and the characters you will meet at this event are entirely fictional and you will be perfectly safe attending this event. Bloodbath provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel as if you are actually inside the home of a serial killer, without any risk to your safety. If you do feel uncomfortable at any time, you can simply say the word ‘Red’ and the scene will stop.

Who should avoid it? Under 18? Pregnant? Allergies and phobias?

You will need to crawl or squeeze through tight spaces, climb ladders and walk down staircases in order to participate in this experience. Consequently, this event may not be suitable for persons with some types of disability. However, we will always do our best to reasonably accommodate any guests with disabilities. You will not be permitted entry to BLOODBATH if you appear to be under the influence of drugs or an excessive quantity of alcohol. This event is only suitable for persons aged 18+. If you are asked to verify your age and are unable to produce a valid photo ID card or passport, then you will be refused admittance. If you have any food allergies, its important that you do not eat or drink ANYTHING inside Jack’s home, and notify Jack’s street team on arrival. If you have any contact allergies (e.g. latex or respiratory allergies) or physical or mental disabilities (including a sensitivity to strobe lighting), please email Jack at in advance of purchasing your tickets.

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