Posted on 2023-01-21
Angela Angela

Live ASMR Relaxation Therapy

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Describe what will happen during the experience

As I am myself big fan of live ASMR (online ASMR does not work for me), I tend to cater for my ASMR clients in the way I would like myself to experience ASMR.

At the same time I listen to your idea of ASMR as I realise for different people there are different ASMR triggers.

Using a quality mini microphone I use various sounds including whispering, tapping, rubbing hands, and the like alongside visuals with the aim of achieving the amazing so called 'braingasm', all while giving you a carefully curated scalp massage spa.

I am happy to customise the session to your needs if you let me know in advance. If you so wish I can use optional affirmation statements geared toward your needs as it can be a useful tool given in ASMR we often enter the Alpha stage or deeper wavelength, which is the gateway into the amazing and very powerful subconscious mind.

Purpose of the experience

From helping to relieve negative mood symptoms to alleviating depression to insomnia, stress, panic attack, anxiety and chronic pain relief, ASMR therapy has been gaining increasingly more and more proponents around the world.

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I’ve been practicing alternative modalities of healing since 2018. I love and enjoy empowering clients to reach for their own healer and self-therapist within ourselves and discover the dormant power of self-help and self-healing.

As a gentle and understanding Holistic Therapist, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western medicine while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which I practice. I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for anyone.

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