Posted on 2023-05-30
Susan Susan

Facial Crystal Rolling Massage

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What are the benefits of facial rolling?

* Stimulates the lymphatic system by gently moving lymph fluid
* Helps your skincare products absorb more deeply into the skin
* Tightens the facial muscles and sagging skin by disrupting frown patterns, moving lymph fluid, and reducing skin inflammation.
* Reduces puffiness under the eyes without the drying effects of a caffeinated eye cream by moving stagnant lymph fluid and tightening skin.
* Increases circulation. The cooling stones rolling over skin encourage optimal blood flow to the face.
* Can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes.
£25 for 40 minutes Treatment

Purpose of the experience

Stimulate the lymphatic system

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  • Joy

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under 18 without an adult

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Spiritual Light Health
Reiki Therapist in Meopham

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