Posted on 2022-12-27
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Biodynamic Massage therapy

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Biodynamic massage therapy is a psycho-physiological therapy that involves touch and highlights the importance of the mind-body connection.

Biodynamic massage has evolved out of physiotherapy methods used in Norwegian psychiatric hospitals, which sit relatively easily with the medical model and mainstream science. However, in its development it has moved into the realms of complementary therapy.

Biodynamic massage as a complementary therapy is a form of psycho-physiological massage concerned with the integration of all levels of human experience. It addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of existence. It emphasises and directly addresses the energetic and emotional meaning of physical posture and bodily symptoms.

Biodynamic massage is a form of empathic touch, that communicates directly with the body’s nervous system.

Within all of us is an Innate ability to self heal, but many of us don’t know how to access that stored potential, perhaps there have been interruptions to our personal development which meant that certain life skills were not learned and as adults we feel limited in some way.

The body reflects a person’s current state and previous life history. Through intentional touch, we can restore harmony and vitality to our body, emotions and mind.

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self healing via Biodynamic Massage

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general Biodynamic Massage therapy risks. Let me know of any traumas in advance

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under 18

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