Posted on 2023-08-28
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Seidr is a set of Scandinavian shamanistic and oracular practices that are today being rediscovered by modern Pagans. Through exploration of Old Norse historical sources and contemporary shamanic techniques, one variety of Seidr practice is the High Seat ritual, where Seers connect with the world of the ancestors to retrieve answers to people’s questions.

In the past, these Seers were called Volvas, Norse ‘shamans’ that would foresee the threads of fate and advise their communities, and this is the main goal of this ceremony, with experienced Seers performing this oracular role for the event participants. No previous experience is required from the audience.

Sometimes considered similar to mediumship, but within a Norse cosmology context which includes the World Tree Yggdrasil and the Web of Wyrd (Fate), these ‘Norse seances’ are an opportunity not only to receive deep meaningful answers, but also to safely experience that the Other World is not as far from us as it seems.

Before the ceremony, Andre will introduce what Seidr was in the Old Norse past, and how different Pagans and Shamans practice it today.

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A Norse Pagan group ritual where Seers are (en)chanted into trance, and then answer questions from the audience, through visions and spirits

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Accessibility: Please note that our classes take place in our Alchemy studio downstairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer wheelchair access at this time.

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Andre has led ceremonies, lectures and workshops on the Northern Traditions of Europe for many years. He has participated in many different Seidr ceremonies, and has also pursued academic research for his MA dissertation on Seidr practices and personal cosmologies of contemporary Norse-inspired Pagans.

He will be joined by an experienced team of Seers and ritualists to perform the ceremony.

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