Posted on 2023-05-03
Bruno Bruno

Zero-G Experience® is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience true weightlessness

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The Zero-G Experience® is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience true weightlessness. It’s not a simulation—it’s real life, minus gravity.

Our specially modified Boeing 727 flies in parabolic arcs to create a weightless environment, allowing you to float, flip, and soar as if you were in space.

The Zero-G Experience starts at $9,070 + 5.2% tax and fees per person and includes:

15 parabolas, including lunar and zero gravity
Zero-G flight suit
Zero-G merchandise
Flight completion pin
Photos and videos of your experience
Zero-G is the world’s only FAA-certified provider of weightless flights, held to the same Part 121 safety standards as passenger airlines.

Our specially modified Boeing 727 G-FORCE ONE® aircraft achieves weightlessness by flying aerobatic maneuvers called parabolas. Specially trained pilots perform these aerobatic maneuvers, which are not simulated in any way. Zero-G passengers experience true weightlessness. Watch the video below to learn more.

G-FORCE ONE flies in FAA-designated airspace blocks approximately 100 miles long and ten miles wide. The process starts with the aircraft flying level with the horizon at an altitude of 24,000 feet. The pilots then gradually increase the angle of the aircraft to about 45° relative to the horizon until reaching an altitude of 32,000 feet. During this phase, passengers feel the pull of 1.8 Gs. Next, the plane pushes over the top of the parabolic arc and the zero-gravity phase begins. For the next 20-30 seconds, everything in the plane is weightless. Finally, the plane gently pulls out of the maneuver, allowing flyers to gradually return to the floor of the aircraft. The maneuver is flown 15 times over the course of the flight, each taking about ten miles of airspace to perform. In addition to zero gravity, flyers aboard G-FORCE ONE experience Lunar gravity (one sixth your weight), achieved by flying a wider arc over the top of the parabola. On a typical flight, parabolas are flown in sets of three to five, with short periods of level flight between each set.

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experience weightlessness

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  • Moving object

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Parabolic flights are extremely safe and have been flown for the past 50 years by NASA, The Russian Space Program and European Space Agency.

Who should avoid it? Under 18? Pregnant? Allergies and phobias?

Micro-gravity and Hyper-gravity environments can negatively affect some medical conditions. It is advisable to consult with your physician before signing up for a flight. If you are pregnant, have heart or back problems, you should consult your physician to see if this experience is appropriate for you.

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Zero Gravity Corporation is a privately held space entertainment and tourism company whose mission is to make the excitement and adventure of space accessible to the public.

The experience offered by Zero-G gives individuals the opportunity to experience true “weightlessness” without going to space.
Zero-G’s attention to detail, excellent service and quality of experience combine with its exciting history has set the foundation for exhilarating adventure based tourism.

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