Posted on 2023-05-24
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Body Stress Release - BSR

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Body Stress Release (BSR) is a complementary healthcare technique that aims to facilitate the release of stored tension or stress within the body. BSR practitioners believe that physical, emotional, or chemical stress can create tension or imbalances in the body's neuromuscular system, leading to discomfort, pain, or dysfunction. BSR focuses on identifying and releasing these areas of tension to restore the body's natural healing abilities.

The process of Body Stress Release typically involves the following steps:

Assessment: The practitioner will conduct an initial assessment to understand the client's health history, lifestyle, and specific concerns. This may involve discussing symptoms, performing physical tests, and observing the body's response to stressors.

Tension detection: The practitioner uses their hands to gently apply pressure to different areas of the body, known as "body stress indicators." These indicators are areas that may exhibit increased tension or a reactive response when stimulated.

Release technique: Once tension areas are identified, the practitioner will use a specific release technique to encourage the body to let go of the stored stress. This typically involves the client lying down and the practitioner applying gentle, precise pressure to the relevant areas.

Observation and re-assessment: After the release technique, the practitioner will observe the body's response and re-assess the tension indicators to determine the progress made. Additional releases may be performed if necessary.

The aim of BSR is to prompt the body's self-healing mechanisms by releasing tension and stress. By doing so, it is believed that the body can regain balance and function optimally. The number of BSR sessions required varies depending on individual needs and the nature of the stress held in the body.

PRICING: Initial session is £55 which includes discussion of health history, with Q&A, and lasts aprrox. 50 minutes.
Follow up sessions are £45 and run approx. 35 minutes
Payment can be made via credit card, cheque, or bank transfer - £5 discounts available for cash payments.

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A comprehensive and holistic approach to release physical, emotional, and chemical stress that is built up in muscle tissue from current or past circumstances, which in turn, creates discomfort and disrupts the body’s innate ability to self-heal

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Please note: While Body Stress Release can complement and work along with standard medical practices, we do not diagnose or treat any specific condition. We simply locate and release lines of stored tension in the body.

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under 18 without an adult

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Certified BSR Practitioner.
+44 7595 613667
The Laurels, Higher Newmarket, Nailsworth Gloucestershire GL60RJ
United Kingdom

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+44 7595 613667

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cash, card

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