Posted on 2022-07-31
Parisa Parisa

I will apologise on your behalf

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Sometimes you know, that you've been wrong, and that your should apologise. But it's easier said than done.

I will be the messenger to deliver your personal apology via audio to your selected recipient.

It may be your ex, an ex-friend, mother, friend or even a client.

My uniquely designed apology may fuel new life into your relationship with that person.

Purpose of the experience

Outsource an apology

Will there be a physical touch between the recipient and the creator?


Location of the experience

  • Virtual

Risks involved

I do not guarantee the apology will be accepted

Who should avoid it? Under 18? Pregnant? Allergies and phobias?

people with bad intentions

Should the recipient source medical advice prior to this experience?


Do you offer medical advice for this experience?


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Telegram @Monicabardo44

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