Posted on 2023-02-05
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Sound/Shamanic Healing & Drumming

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Do you know why a certain piece of music can suddenly change our emotions in an instant? What is it that makes us want to turn up the volume if we hear a great song on the radio and what is it that makes us want to quickly change to another station?

My approach to sound healing is simple. I let intuition be my guide. Something you learn to trust as inherently right. Each healing I do is magical and is right for that one person. I love the energy created when doing group work too. So much love can be had between people who are perfect strangers when they first meet but they leave the sessions knowing they have shared something wonderful. Pure love and divine energy. It's Amazing!

It is great for Insomnia, stress/anxiety and depression. It helps with aches and pains, (muscular and joint pain), headaches/migraines, helps with asthma and allergies and IBS as well as helping sufferers of terminal and long term illnesses. It is excellent for balancing the chakras and clearing stuck energy & mental/emotional blocks. It can help alleviate light-body ascension symptoms such as fatigue/confusion & irritability. It helps even if you are just feeling a little 'under the weather'. It's brilliant if you want to feel more alive and helps you regain the health of your Mind, Body, Spirit.

Purpose of the experience

The sounds have a very profound effect on the body. Each of the body's organs will respond to different tones, which is why during a session you will hear lots of different notes and different ways of singing them also.

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Risks involved

As with most things, people react and respond to Sound Therapy in very individual ways. Some people may experience cold symptoms or tiredness after a sound therapy session, some experience increased energy. Any adverse effects such as cold symptoms or headaches are a good thing.

Who should avoid it? Under 18? Pregnant? Allergies and phobias?

under 18

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I began my interest in music years ago back in school with various performances in choirs, stage shows and amateur dramatics. I then progressed to Liverpool Institute for Higher Education, now known as Hope Universirty and joined the Musical society where we even performed a production of Chess at the Liverpool playhouse. After college, I, like a lot of people, went to working in an office environment for money and stability and it gave me the chance to grow and marry my lovely husband, Mark. However, I was restless and my love for music and sound has not wavered. I had a chance meeting with a trainee Sound Healer who was doing Simon Heather's wonderful training course to be a sound healing practioner with the College of Sound Healing. I volunteered to have some sessions and the effect on me was incredible. I felt an amazing sense of lightness come over me. I felt tension come away from my body and I knew this work was something I wanted to learn more about. I left it for a while but decided that I would enrole on the training course and here we are some 15 years later and I absolutely love what I do! As you can see, I am also a Mum to my two fantastic girls, Erin, 14, who I was pregnant with towards the end of my training course, (as a result, she is a very happy girl!) and Evie, 8, pictured both below.

I feel very proud to be able to help other people in such a positive and holistic way and I would like to thank my friends and family for their continued love & support for Isis Sounds & all it's activities and for helping me grow spiritually. Namaste!

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