Posted on 2023-05-18
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Emotional Release Therapy

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As a somatic trauma practitioner, I work with you to support your healing and growth using a variety of psychosensory therapies (psychological + sensory - through the body's senses) to release stuck emotions and the imprint of traumatic memory (which may result in a variety of symptoms like anxiety, chronic pain, etc). I have designed a unique protocol which includes a combination of therapies; some I use may include, but are not limited to:

EFT (tapping)
Havening Technique (Amygdala Depotentiation)
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)
Wellbeing Coaching

I work using the body because this is the language of your unconscious beliefs and memories which shape your behaviours in the present (linked to the limbic brain via the autonomic nervous system).

Purpose of the experience

EMDR uses subconscious process to discharge these memories so that they no longer have the emotional pull – you do not ‘forget’ what happened but you are no longer disturbed and reactive to them. It is like spring cleaning your mental attic. You feel lighter and mentally fitter to tackle your current life without being drained by events of the past.

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Patricia Worby, PhD
I am a former scientist and health researcher* who, after having chronic fatigue and finding no answers in the current medical system, sought solutions for myself and recovered. What I found out shattered my previous beliefs as it was so contrary to my former understanding; so I decided to use what I have learnt about the real root causes of chronic illness and become a somatic psychotherapist specialising in chronic anxiety, pain, fatigue and stress-related illness. My experience has taught me that is often important to treat both the mind and the body for full health and wellbeing.

I offer 121 sessions and group support programmes as well as a range of educational resources. I pride myself on getting results where others have struggled. many of my clients resolve their symptoms within months after years of suffering.

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