Posted on 2023-05-30
Parisa Parisa

Creative Therapy for adults

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Create a beautiful hand-made memory book using modern and vintage lace, ribbon, bits of broken jewellery, etc. with your own photographs and keepsakes, to include in your book, to celebrate and remember your loved one or precious pet. Share your memories, in a supportive environment where you can begin to work through your loss, at your own pace.

Alternatively, work on an Empowerment Art Project to acknowledge the journey you have been on and recognise where you are going. Create a collage and include any keepsakes or pictures that you wish to incorporate, into your art work.

Boost your confidence, self-esteem and straighten your crown, to release the inner Warrior King/Queen, that you truly are!

Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, to fit in with busy lives and are typically between 2 to 6 sessions.

Each session is 60 minutes and costs £60 per session, including materials.

Purpose of the experience

Share your memories, your thoughts, your feelings, whilst creating something special, helping you heal, whilst putting all the pieces together.

Will there be a physical touch between the recipient and the creator?


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  • Admiration
  • Boredom
  • Interest
  • Joy
  • Optimism
  • Serenity

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no one should avoid it

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I am a Play & Creative Arts Therapist, Supervisor and Hypnotherapist, based in Hythe, Kent. I have been practising since 1999 and have evolved my skills to specialise in the following therapies;


Play and Creative Arts Therapy for adolescents and schools.

Past Life/Apparition Therapy for children

Final Journey Memory Books

I offer clinical and non-clinical supervision for therapists, FLO's, nurses, teaching staff etc. either online or in person.

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