Posted on 2023-03-29
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Tickle Therapy

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Many people have an image about tickling, some find it unbearable, some laugh or squirm just thinking about it and there are many who will jump at the chance of receiving a relaxing enjoyable tickle. There is however, more to being tickled than many first think.

Tickle therapy is the art and discipline of tickling, which allows a person to enjoy and reap the rewards. There are two types of tickling, there is the gentle, lighter enjoyable tickle, known as Knismesis, and there is the livelier tickling which induces laughter and involuntary movements, known as Gargalesis. One could say, one is a touch therapy and the other is a laughter therapy. Both types of tickles have many benefits, and we offer the service of both. A tickling session involves a 'tickler' (person tickling) and a 'ticklee' (person being tickled). The tickling is not random, every person is unique and has their preferences, e.g there will be parts of the foot a person will enjoy being touched, yet another will not. There may be a certain way a person enjoys being tickled, whether in movement of the hands, or a specific tool e.g a feather. A record is drawn up and kept of each individuals' requests, requirements and preferables.

Both knismesis and gargalesis have been shown to stimulate a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, this in turn releases endorphins and other feel-good hormones (Dopamine). One of the jobs of the hypothalamus is regulating emotional responses. It also controls your reaction to painful stimuli.

The areas of the body most people enjoy being tickled are the feet, their back and sides, arms, legs (knee height) and neck.

Tickle therapy involves a complete focus on the customer, our priority is to ensure you are completely comfortable, relaxed and in complete control during the session. As well as enjoying either form of therapy, reaping the health benefits are an added bonus.

About us: We are a group of dedicated practitioners who dwell in having a chance to give a service we enjoy, in order to make people feel better about and within themselves. We want you to feel totally comfortable and relaxed during your session, it is our number one prerogative. We like to be known for being approachable, trusting and reliable.

How we work: Once an appointment has been made, an introductory visit will be arranged beforehand.

Introductory Visit: This involves learning about your requirements, answering some security questions, understanding how we work and signing an agreement. This is for the safety and security of both parties, which I am sure you will appreciate matter greatly. We believe a strict code of practice has to be followed. GROUP THERAPY DIFFERS

Session: We offer different types of sessions in relation to length of time, choice of therapy etc.

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Tickle therapy helps reduce, relieve and in some cases demolish effects of lack of sleep, pain, anxiety, worries, stress and a busy lifestyle

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