Posted on 2023-03-16
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Virtual Therapy (50 mins)

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You'll meet with your psychotherapist on a secure online platform for your 50 minute therapy session.

Online counselling is a form of therapy that is delivered over the internet. It’s used to treat a variety of mental health issues and is a great option for people who have busy lifestyles and careers, live in remote areas or have difficulty accessing traditional forms of psychotherapy.

Purpose of the experience

Improve their mental health and well-being

Will there be a physical touch between the recipient and the creator?


Pick an emotion

  • Acceptance
  • Admiration
  • Interest
  • Joy
  • Optimism
  • Trust

Location of the experience

  • Virtual

Who should avoid it? Under 18? Pregnant? Allergies and phobias?

Under 18

Should the recipient source medical advice prior to this experience?


Do you offer medical advice for this experience?


Your bio and contact

At Purposeful Change, we are committed to helping our clients improve their mental health and well-being. We offer a wide range of psychotherapy services for individual, couples and families. We believe in the importance of a person-centred, collaborative and integrative approach to psychotherapy. Our team members are highly trained in many therapeutic modalities which allows us provide customized service for our clients no matter what their needs may be.

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Credit Card, PayPal, INTERAC e-Transfer

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