Posted on 2023-08-28
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Rebalancing & Immersive Crystal Sound Bath

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Lie back and let the week's worries and stress wash over you and rebalance your energy with this Blissful 432Hz Sound Bath with Guided Meditation. Leaving with a feeling of pure relaxation.

This Sound Meditation Bath with Crystal singing bowls is designed to release and rebalance the body and mind, tuned to each of the 7 main Chakras and start shifting and unblocking as the 432Hz frequency soundwaves wash through you.

The combination of guided and sound meditation using specifically tuned sound instruments will quickly send you from our heightened Gamma and Beta brainwave state....down to 'Alpha' and down to 'Theta' ...where healing and repair work activates on a cellular level. It really is Meditation on Steroids!

Sound Meditation is immensely beneficial for improved sleep, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression and will promote improved awareness and concentration....whilst leaving you with a feeling of pure relaxation!....

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Immerse yourself In this Blissful Crystal Sound Bath and wash away the week

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  • Acceptance
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**Please note - this sound bath is not suitable for anyone with epilepsy, on anti-psychotic medicine, as well as anyone with a pacemaker or during pregnancy due to the powerful vibrational frequencies

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Smiles Granted Wellbeing - Charlotte Grant

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