Posted on 2022-07-20
Sandra Sandra

Hammam Massage for emotional health

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Describe what will happen during the experience

The deep pressure and touch can regulate the autonomic nervous system so that the levels of stress hormones in your body drop. With my touch you will release several “feel-good chemicals”. They include neurotransmitters such as oxytocin (a.k.a “the love hormone”) serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. This can help to solve your complaints such as racing thoughts and brain fog.

I will also use a variety of essential oils in the Hammam to help your mind heal and recover

Many who visit the hammam report feeling a profound sense of increased well-being

2 hours session

Purpose of the experience

improve emotional health with a 2-hour Hammam massage treatment

Will there be a physical touch between the recipient and the creator?


Location of the experience

  • Venue

Who should avoid it? Under 18? Pregnant? Allergies and phobias?

Under 18

Should the recipient source medical advice prior to this experience?


Do you offer medical advice for this experience?


How do you take payments?

by card

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