Posted on 2023-04-26
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Cow feeding and hand milking

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Enjoy a cow experience - feeding and milking included. Address your fears with our friendly cows and stuff.

Feeding cows: It is said that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach and this sentiment is very evident when it comes to the cows! They just LOVE to chomp on an organic carrot and they will love you in return for it!

Hand Milking: Since the industrial revolution, it has become all too easy to feel disconnected with the sacred act of farming for one’s own food, therefore if you are simply an animal lover or a self-confessed ‘foodie’ we welcome you to try hand-milking for a day. You will be cared for by our expert team and guided every step of the way, as you learn this art of hand-milking. You will even get to take home what you milked! What better way to spend a day than that!?

N.B. Children to be supervised.

Purpose of the experience

experience milking the cow

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  • Outdoors

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there are some risks involved, they will be explained and you will be supervised

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children must be supervised

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At our Rutland Ahimsa Eco-Dairy, we uphold the principles inherent in this self-sustaining and cow protecting method.

We never kill a cow
Our calves suckle from their mothers until weaned
We primarily milk by hand
We give our oxen meaningful work

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07723 354 527

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