Posted on 2023-08-27
Angela Angela

Sensory Soundbath and Reiki

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At Sacred Grounds we:

Discover the transformative power of sound meditation with our immersive sound experience, where sound & vibration merge to create a soothing sensory journey.

Embody calmness and soothe your senses by immersing ourselves in sound frequencies to focus inwards. Utilising the voice, breath, visualisation and movement, we come together and embark on this journey of self discovery and connection with like-minded individuals.

We all re-unite via voice and sound therapy, community and to connect with our heart energy centers.

Purpose of the experience

Relax and enjoy the sensory healing experience of reiki therapy followed by a soothing crystal sound and gong bath.

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  • Joy
  • Love
  • Serenity

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under 18

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