Emotions Market moderation rules and policies

Every emotional experience listing needs to comply with our terms and conditions, moderation rules, and restrictions. 

We reserve the right to deactivate any experience posted on Emotions Market if we believe it's unfit. The reason may be:

  • Emotional experience is missing the focus on the experience recipient or emotions
  • Experience is inappropriate for Emotions Market audience (UK)
  • Missing or poorly explained emotional context of the experience
  • Anything looking dangerous, illegal, misleading, duplicate 
  • Lack of clear purpose of the experience

We reserve the right to make minor changes to your experience listing. Contact us if you have any questions. Being an emotional experience creator is not for everyone - we published some reasons why your emotional experience should not be listed on Emotions Market and suggestions to make your emotional experience popular. Visit our creator zone and FAQs to learn more.


We do not allow listings of adult entertainment, medical services, drugs, alcohol, human parts, remains, services, or anything to do with unlocking software and weapons. We are not a directory of service professionals. Please stay away from anything illegal. See our terms and conditions for more information.