Play experiences involving emotions


Emotions can be triggered and provoked by play. Games can help us distract and escape from reality. Play experiences can help with emotional release, learning new sensory and sensual aspects of the recipient's body.

Play experiences start from individual and team quests - allowing participants to completely submerge into an imaginary game scenario, learning new and experiencing a variety of positive emotions. Our quest creators aim to achieve specific aims for participants with their quest experiences.

Prank experiences relate to emotions such as amazement, awe, disgust, and anger. Being pranked is a highly emotional experience and can make a big impact on someone's life.

Virtual play experiences offered by our creators bring the play to a virtual level - focussing on flirting, virtual play via audio, video, etc. virtual play experiences are great for shy people or for those willing to try something new, like commanding someone.

Bizarre play experiences involve wired and wonderful aspects, including fetishes, tickling, foot worshipping, etc. We do not offer adult ads here on Emotions Market

Celebration scenario experiences will take your party to a new level. Our experience creators will incorporate emotional triggers into your celebration or party plan to make a truly unforgettable experience for you and your friends.

Sensual play experiences offered will get creators working with your body, senses, and your sensory system. Sensual play experiences like electroplay and Florentine flogging can help deal with the emotional imbalance and emotional aggression and generally help with emotional suppression and emotional repression.

Virtual play experiences on Emotions Market give an opportunity to play partners to connect online and play within the virtual environment. Virtual play is great for shy people.

Our game experiences present ways in which Emotions Market creators can play with you, for example, by pretending to be your ex.

Dance and Dramatherapy are listed separately on our website, yet they are also play experiences, allowing for dramatic play, expression, and emotional release.


Emotional play experiences

Emotional play can refer to many different types of play and allows participants to experience emotions like joy or disappointment to start from. Taking it further, all 32 emotions by Plutchik's Wheel can be experienced within a play setting. Three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist also play part. 

Triggering emotions via play allows Emotions Market creators to address the needed issues in a light and delicate manner. Play experiences are those activities performed for self or group amusement and that have behavioural, social, and psychomotor rewards.

Adult play experiences

Adam and Allee Blatner (1997) describes the benefit of imaginative pretend play, playing roles, as a therapy to help individuals heal their broken sense of relational vitality. Play is also great for developing social skills such as creativity, flexibility, social perception, empathy, humility, sense of humour, initiative, learning from mistakes, listening, honesty, inclusiveness, and problem-solving. Sociodramatic play gives an opportunity for self-discovery and vitality. Please note that our play experiences have some exclusions and restrictions

Play experiences are great for emotional release and emotional enrichment