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Emotions Market offers variety of emotional, multisensory and sensory treatments and experiences

Our creators - emotional caregivers, take emotional support to a new level.

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Emotions Market is a classified ad board for multisensory and emotional experiences where experience creators post ads that assist their clients in letting go of their negative emotions by triggering their feelings or senses.

Our sensory experiences include animal assisted therapy, face and body rituals, taste and smell encounters, alternative medicine, therapy and much more. Some multisensory experiences can include a blindfold, demolition and play elements. Our emotional experiences vary from energy and emotion-focused therapies, art, drama, companionship, scream therapy and emotional release.  

Experience creators are emotional caregivers; they focus on the recipient of the experience, allowing them to live through the desired senses and/or emotions in a pre-agreed-upon manner. They are emotionally intelligent people who are strangers, so they will use their abilities to help others process their emotions.

Learn more  about us and visit our creator zone. We offer experiences that can help boost mental health. However, it cannot replace any medical support or advice you have been given.