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  • Trigger your senses and release negative emotions
  • Do it without ruining your relationships
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Using Plutchik's wheel of emotions and three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist

Our experience creators take emotional support to a new level by offering multisensory and emotion-provoking experiences. 

Explore our listings to find your way of safely exploring and satisfying your sensory or emotional needs.

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Stop avoiding emotions – encounter them – on your terms!

We all suppress our emotions to get through life challenges. But living with trapped negative emotions has an inevitable effect on the quality of our lives. Without releasing the emotions, we have to hide them which can cause us feeling emotional imbalance and numbness, being snappy, shouting, feeling emotional aggression, saying or doing things we later regret, and, as a result, ruin our relationships.

Emotions Market offers a solution! Based on the three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist (2021) and 32 emotions by Robert Plutchik, our experience creators publish ads for sensory and emotional experiences – offering unique ways to de-stressing, gain positive emotions or fulfill secret dreams.

Experience creators are emotional caregivers; they focus on the recipient of the experience, allowing them to live through the desired senses and/or emotions in a pre-agreed-upon manner. They are emotionally intelligent people who are strangers, so they will use their abilities to help others process their emotions. From being blindfolded to shouting at someone – live through your emotions on your terms.

Learn more  about us and visit our creator zone. We offer experiences that can help boost mental health. However, it cannot replace any medical support or advice you have been given.

multisensory and emotional experiences