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Using Plutchik’s wheel of emotions and three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist

our experience creators take emotional support to the new level, by offering multisensory and emotion provoking experiences. 

Explore our listings to find your own way of safely exploring and satisfying your sensory or emotional needs, or share with a friend.

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Stop avoiding emotions – encounter them – on your terms!

We all suppress our emotions to plow through life challenges, yet, living with trapped negative emotions is hard and can have a negative impact on our relationships at work, with family and friends. We may be angry, or snappy with them, and say things we don’t mean.

Releasing your emotions, on the other hand, is healthy! Here at Emotions Market, our experience creators offer 1001 ways of processing your emotions or triggering your senses. All with the aim of providing a safe and supportive place for the recipient to fulfill their needs.

Emotions Market is a British classified ad board - learn more about us and 32 emotions by Robert Plutchik. We choose to offer a simple classified ad listing service, instead of a marketplace, to avoid costs and to keep each experience private and personal - buyers find seller’s contact details on each listing. Besides, we don't want to charge VAT on hugs and deal with complaints.

We encourage caring and emotionally intelligent individuals to become experience creators at Emotions.market. Here, you can make someone's dream come true and earn money for it. We offer free listings until the end of 2022. For more information see our creator zone.

We offer experiences that can help boost mental health. However, this should not replace any medical support or advice you have been given.

multisensory and emotional experiences