Emotional Benefits of Crying

Crying is a natural phenomenon that responds to many emotions, from extreme happiness to profound sadness. According to today's psychology, crying is a mechanism that helps us to release stress and emotional pain. Emotional tears that remove toxins from your body offer several health benefits and social support. Researchers have claimed that tears are a significant source of feel-good hormones like endorphins. When these hormones are produced in our bodies, they help ease physical and emotional pain.

Benefits of Crying

When you feel down, your body may be trying to release suppressed emotions. People often hide their tears for fear of looking weak but crying has numerous positive effects on your mental health.

Crying boosts your mind

When you cry, stress releases hormones produced in your body, and along with tears, they move out from your body. Once they release, you feel much better. In contrast, if you try to hold back your emotions and feel shameful in crying, it negatively affects on your mood and health. 

Crying helps you to sleep better

Although crying seems strange, when you cry, it increases the sleep-enhancing effect. According to a small study on infant sleep, 43 participants used graduated extinction (controlled crying) to prepare their babies for bed. During controlled crying, babies put to cry for a set period before their parents interrupt. Consequently, the length of infants' sleep increased due to crying. 

Crying balances your emotions

Although crying may happen when you feel sadness or experience terrible events, this may not always be the reason. However, people sometimes shed tears when they are delighted, scared, or stressed. Whatever the reason for your crying, shouting may help your body to restore emotional equilibrium. 

Crying connects you with others

Crying may help you to get support from others. According to scientific research, crying is a universal attachment behaviour that rallies sympathy from people around us. When you cry, it helps others understand what you are going through and how you feel. This way, people can determine how to react to you and what you need from them. Crying strengthens social connections, increases empathy and closeness, and inspires support from family and friends.

Crying provides a soothing effect

According to the National Library of Medicine research, crying provides a self-soothing effect on your body. When you shout, the parasympathetic system activates your body. This system helps your body to feel better and digest food. Hence, any issue, whether stomach problems or restlessness, can resolve after a few minutes of crying or shedding tears.

Final words

Grief and sadness can be to manage but embracing them is the best way to handle them. Although crying during grief is often associated with depression, in fact, it can be a healing sign.

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