Emotional breakdown

If you are experiencing Emotional breakdown - please contact  Crisis help


Emotional breakdown, also known as mental breakdown or nervous breakdown, is a span of severe emotional distress during which you may feel paralyzed and incapable of coping with life's challenges. In general, it is caused by intense physical and emotional stress.

Worry, anxiety, fear, fatigue, anger, depression, and nervousness are the common symptoms that you may feel when you experience a nervous breakdown. Thus, taking proper action is necessary to avoid a mental breakdown.

10 Ways to mindfully survive emotional breakdown

Mostly, mental health crisis lasts from a few hours to a few weeks. For instance, if you have been suffering from a breakdown for a long time, move ahead and follow the below-mentioned tips.

Learn strategies to relax:

You may feel abnormal when you experience a mental breakdown. You need to learn strategies that make you calm. For example, practice meditation, try breathing exercises and yoga, and focus your attention on something that puts your mind at ease.

Take care of yourself:

Your health should be your top priority. You cannot do anything if you feel mentally distressed. So, sleep well, eat a well-balanced diet, and exercise for 30 minutes at least five days a week. And try to avoid alcohol, excessive drugs, and caffeine.

Ask a friend for help:

Asking for help from a friend is not a bad thing. You feel lonely when you have a nervous breakdown. Sharing your problems with others can lessen your stress. Plus, it is one of the best ways to judge which friends nurture you and which deplete you.

Practice self-compassion:

The emotional breakdown may happen either due to work burnout or suffering from chronic mental health disorders like depression. Whatever the reason would be, you can treat yourself with self-compassion. Be patient, let yourself be angry, anxious, or depressed, and give yourself all the love you can.

Listen to your body:

During a nervous disorder, listen to your body and talk to yourself. Treat yourself as a friend and talk about the things that bother you. Then, being a friend, suggest something that will help you. Also, try to divert your attention toward something that feels you happy.

Communicate your needs:

You cannot even perform your daily tasks during a mental health crisis. In such situations, you need help from your family and friends. So, instead of thinking about being lonely, go through a list of your friends and pick the ones you think will be willing to support you.

Do what you love:

The biggest drawback of the typical modern lifestyle is that we rarely find the time to do what we actually love. Expert says that if you are feeling stressed, listen to your favorite music or do something that can help you calm down for 15-20 minutes for instant relief.

Focus on self-care:

Self-care is one of the best practices that keep you mentally strong. For this purpose, give yourself time to attain everything that you want. For instance, take time to watch the movies you've always wanted to see. Or do some exercise once a week.

Reduce technology:

During nervous breakdowns, you may feel everything is too much. For example, a laptop screen feels too brighter, and sounds feel too loud. So, try to use social media as little as possible. Instead of using technology, grab a pen and try to write your story on a hard copy.

Seek medical support:

When coping with a breakdown, talk to medical health care. A medical professional can determine your mental health condition and provide treatment accordingly. Even if he cannot help you with your challenges, he can help you develop the necessary coping skills.

Final thought

An emotional breakdown is the point when you feel exhausted and try to give up. Remember, Humans are like pressure cookers. The tighter you hold your tension, the stronger the explosion will be. So, in any challenging situation, when you feel depressed, take a step back and try above mentions methods. Keep in mind that these stressful periods are only temporary and don't hold absolute power over you.