Life in the modern world is full of emotional challenges. Achieve success, keeping up, fear of missing out, and desire for good relationships and happiness at work can create volatile emotions. In our society, however, you learn how to block and avoid emotions rather than how to deal with them.

Emotional suppression is harmful to your mental and physical health. Basically, it's like pressing on the accelerator and brakes at the same time, creating an internal pressure cooker. There are several reasons why people feel good about hiding their emotions instead of expressing them. Some of them are as follows:


A person's genetics determines their emotional tendency since genetics manages the body's hormone levels, which determine their mental well-being. Having inappropriate levels of certain hormones can lead to angry outbursts or mood swings, and a person may eventually feel ashamed of their feelings.

Fear of rejection and disapproval

Fear of rejection and disapproval is widespread among those who have previously experienced them. Possibly, they have formed a belief that this will always be the case and that they should protect themselves by not expressing their true emotions.


It happens when people feel that their emotions do not make any difference. Consequently, they don't see the need to show how they truly feel, which takes time, energy, and vulnerability. It can happen when attempts to express themselves failed in the past or when they think they will always be unsuccessful.

Low self esteem

They feel that their feelings do not matter and do not have a right to ask for what they need and express their feelings. People with low self-esteem are likely to have difficulty expressing their feelings. Additionally, they may also have a hard time setting boundaries and fulfilling their wishes.

Fear of weakness

People may feel unsafe when they try to expose their emotions. They think expressing emotions may lead others to judge and mislead them. And others also think that they cannot manage their feelings. So, they try to hide negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration, and sadness.

Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence is one of the most significant factors that may involve hiding your emotions. It happens when someone does not dare to express their emotions accurately. It most often occurs when parents criticize you for expressing your emotions.

Conflict phobia

Those who do not wish to cause a conflict can withhold their negative feelings, even when the risk of conflict is not real. Expressing their feelings are likely to cause conflict during childhood and adolescence, and they should learn to avoid it.


Although emotions are natural, they cannot be controlled. Through time, you learn to manage them. When you feel sad or uncomfortable, don't hide your emotions. Express them and show your true self. You will always get different opinions about yourself, but the ones who love you will never judge you, and you should always communicate your feelings with them. You can also contact at for help. Our creators deal with pure emotions and maintain your mental health without ruining your relationship. Remember, Emotions don't make you weak; they actually make you stronger.

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