There are many tactile experiences on

Tactile experiences or sensations are received or felt by touch. Nowadays, touch starvation and affection deprivation affect a lot of people, so tactile experiences are a great way to get emotional balance. Tactile experiences can be found in different categories. These include:


Alternative medicine category offers a wide range of body-treatments such as HirudotherapyAromatherapy MassageMyofascial and emotional releaseHerbal compress massageAyurveda experience and much more.


Animal experiences are great for tactile experience lovers. Whether you would like to spend time with cows after milkingpop in for a cat cuddle or enjoy a Bunny yoga. Puppies, kittens are great to experience emotions such as admiration, love and acceptance.


Sensual play experiences  will get creators working with your body, senses and your sensory system. Sensual play experiences like electroplay and Florentine flogging or being restrained for an hour can help you feel and enjoy submission, awe and ecstasy emotions, on the pre-agreed terms.


Dancing is a very tactile experience, with dance and dramatherapy category offers tactile experiences such a blindfold dance or you could hire a taxi dancer for few hours.


Demolition experiences can also be tactile, with you hitting, smashing or destroying something. Remember, someone always builds sand casles, but someone else wants to destroy them.


Bizarre experiences offer ticklingpimple pop the blackheadsrelaxing hair brushing and other sensory and tactile experiences.



Companionship category offers sub category hugs and cuddles - living those wishing to be hugged - to receive the desired. Get to feel warmth of a human hug and acceptance emotion.


Sensory experiences include being blindfolded, or sensory deprived ina different way. Sensory experiences allow for emotions such as trustawe and amazement.


Sport and challenges category offers sport-related tactile and kinaesthetic experiences, such as assisted stretching.


What are tactile experiences?

Tactile are the sensory experiences, concentrating on a particular sense - touch, and provoking emotions, via touching. Tactile experiences can be transformed into a multisensory experience, if except touch, other sense is also affected. Tactile experiences offer opportunity to feel and warmth and acceptance and this can, potentially trigger an emotional release in the form of tears. Learn about blindfold experiences.

 How Experiencing Particular Emotions In A Safe Setting On Pre-Agreed Terms Can Help With Mild Mental Health Issues