All experiences listed on the emotions market must comply with our terms and conditionsmoderation rules, and common sense. Our terms are governed by English law.

Not every experience is suitable 

On top of this, we reserve the right to remove any listing if we believe it is not serving a good purpose. As we have no involvement between our buyers and creators, it is imperative that we must filter what is being offered on the emotions market

There are some reasons why you should not list your experience with us:

  1. Self-focus - if your experience is about satisfying your own fantasies by using others - there are far better places to achieve your goals. Here, Emotions Market creators focus on the recipients' needs to help them achieve emotional balance.
  2. Money-focus - treating emotional experiencesas a moneymaking machine is wrong - it is about uniqueness and attention to each emotional experience recipient or sensory experience recipient
  3. Medical theme - here at Emotions Market, we focus on emotions rather than medical involvement
  4. Here at Emotions Market, we serve audiences over 18 - experiences for children are better listed elsewhere.  We do have some experiences about kids.
  5. If you are in a bad mood, please come back later - we want positivity and acceptance here at Emotions Market. Thank you


It's essential to understand why a person would want an emotional experience, what questions to ask buyers, and how to make a safe and popular emotional experience. Understanding the difference between emotional release experiences, emotional enrichment experiences, and sensory experiences is critically important as it allows you to create the right experience for both yourself and your buyer.  

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about creating your experience after you've been through the resources of our Creator Zone