Emotional release experiences

Emotional release is an essential aspect of mental and emotional well-being. Emotional release experiences  offered by creators at emotions.market offer recipients unique ways to outburst their suppressed emotions in a pre-agreed, controlled environment. Purpose of emotional release experiences is to work as a replacement to out bursting anger, negativity and undesired worlds to those, close to you. 

Want to shout at your boss? Why not do it in VR

Some emotional release experiences involve screaming and shouting. Recipient of the experience gets an opportunity to express their feelings, say those nasty words, respond to something from the past and etc - on the third party, rather than loved ones. By doing so, suppressed emotions are being released, emotional experience recipient feels better - yet consequences of ruined friendships and relationships are negated. Some experience creators would even offer you to play a game, pretending to be “your ex” or your “ex friend” - so you can finally push out those unsaid words and get a closure. 

Smash something else

Other emotional release experiences would involve physical release of emotions in demolition experiences - smashing plates, battle ropes, or a boxing pear. You may be wishing to destroy something beautiful like a sandcastle or engage in a pillow fight. Such diversion of negative emotion can save jobs, friendships and relationships. Out bursting suppressed emotions in a physical way, some consider to be most ecological ways of emotional release - moreover it can also be combined with screaming and shouting. In cases of physical release of emotions, our creators would sometimes act as a chaperone, to ensure you can relax, and channel your negative emotions in the right way. Demolition Experiences - Why Does It Feel Good To Destroy Something?

Draw your fears and emotions

Negative emotions can be effectively released via art therapy and comic therapy, via the power of externalization. Comic and art therapy are not just great for emotional release - but can also provide great source of reflection and analysis.

Sing and release your emotions

Singing can be an effective and social way to release suppressed emotions and raise levels of oxytocin (love hormone). Choice of songs can allow for emotions and memories to be lived through by the recipient of emotional experience. Other songs could provide positive distraction. Combination of songs in the right way and taking case of the recipient - is what some of our music experience creators do.


Crying is excellent to release trapped emotions, but not always possible. Emotional benefits of crying should not be underestimated, and some of our creators will take care of you crying. Others will actually trigger your tears, or just listen, and some - will cry with you. Shedding your emotional tears releases oxytocin and endorphins which helps ease physical and emotional pains. 

Sensory emotional release

Emotional release can be achieved by triggering not just emotions - but senses, for example by tickling, being played with, specific smellsMultisensory  and Sensory emotional release experiences involve closer contact between experience creator and recipient. On the other hand, participation in a sensory experience allows for recipient to share less information with the creator, as triggers for emotional release are focussed on senses, rather than feelings.

Other emotional release techniques

There exist various emotion-focused methods of releasing suppressed emotions, such as  Emotion Code™, Myofascial release, dance and dramatherapyemotional energy release therapy, guided image therapy, sound therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), Cranioscaral Therapy, Mental and Emotional Release Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, meditation, music, sport and challenges.

Emotional release does not need to be shameful

Emotional release is often associated with something shameful - the moment you've lost control, something you regret. However, it does not need to be so. Emotional release experiences offered at Emotions.market will give you a chance to ease your emotional suppression in a comfortable, friendly, and confidential ways. To buy an emotional experience, simply check contact details to the creator of the experience you like - get in touch and sort everything between yourselves in private.

Expressive ways to release negative emotions

Negative emotions are part of our life. We all have a very difficult time when we experience bad feelings. Although dealing with painful emotions is not easy, in a true sense, it strengthens our health and well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

If we do not deal with pain, it will resurface as emotional toxicity afterwards – in the form of insomnia, anger, fear, and anxiety. For instance, we likely feel guilty if we do not know how to deal with fear and anger.

As a result of that guilt, we feel drained of our physical, emotional, and spiritual energy, so any initiative or movement seems impossible. Our bodies experience fatigue and paralyze, resulting in depression.

Thus, we need to adopt different ways to help us release negative emotions without disturbing our physical and mental health. Here are some creative ways to deal with negative emotions while staying relatively safe.

If you are alone, and not and not yet ready to explore experiences of emotions market - here are few things to consider:

Move your body - Do some exercise by taking a walk outside. Plus, learn how to play tennis, football, and volleyball. While hitting the ball, imagine you are beating up the person that triggered your anger. You can also go to the park or go for a run or swim.

Pen down your thoughts - Choose a comfortable space where you can sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Now imagine a person, place, or event that disturbs you. Make a note of your thoughts. You can burn that piece of paper later, thinking that your brain is now free from emotions or thoughts that hurt you.

Draw your feelings - Create a drawing of your emotions using strong colours like black and red on a piece of paper. Allow yourself to move as fast or slow as you wish and press down the paper as hard as possible. While doing so, imagine negative emotions pouring out of your arms into a piece of paper.

Create a soundtrack - You can create a soundtrack or lyrics that exactly match how you feel. It is, in fact, a playlist of songs that reflect the emotions you want to navigate. It may be anger, grief, or sadness. Listen to your finalized soundtrack and let yourself sink into whatever feelings arise.

The Bottom Line

Everybody has experience pain in their life. The key is to deal with such situations in a healthy way. Adopting the above methods will help you to get rid of negative thoughts. Plus, these methods will satisfy your mind physically and mentally. Learn about Importance Of Emotional Release.