Who are the Emotional Experience Creators?

Emotional experience creators are emotional caregivers who craft, refine, experiment, and thereafter present their emotional experiences at Emotions Market - ranging from very experienced to complete novice. They are emotionally intelligent individuals that focus on the experience recipient. Please refer to our creator zone and creator frequently asked questions for more information and learn 10 Reasons to become an experience creator on Emotions Market

Experienced Creators

Some experience creators came to Emotions Market to expand their audiences, for an existing experience they offer, for example, wine tasting & storytelling, illusions theatreAyurvedaPerfume Makingpranic energy healingmyofascial and emotional release. These sensory or emotionally triggering experiences are a fantastic fit for Emotions Market. They can be listed for free and generate a new stream of business.  

New to emotions

Other creators have experience in creating and running the experiences, yet this emotional aspect is somewhat new to them. Focussing an experience on particular emotions or senses makes it unique and truly unforgettable for the recipient. Our creators offer smell guessing gamessatisfying illusions, a company of cowsghost tours, or emotional photo sessions. Our experience check service is helping such creators formulate and refine their offers, making truly good emotional experiences.

New to experiences

Some creators come from the emotional side, being emotional caregivers. Such creators have probably experienced how they can work with other people's emotions, making others achieve better emotional balance via emotional caregiving.  You do not need to be a psychotherapist to make someone feel good or ask them the question they are afraid to ask themselves. It's all about the attention you are ready to give, together with good intentions. Some of our emotional experience creators would test your nerves or let you shout at them or follow your instructions,  create custom sensory experiences, or talk you out of a tattoo. Emotional experience, done consensually in the context of emotional caregiving, with good intentions and transparency - can change someone's life.  


Emotional caregivers

Emotional caregiving is a difficult task, yet for some people - this is the best job in the world. We invite emotional caregivers to join Emotions Market and start imagining and creating emotional experiences that can be desired by others. Read our Creator FAQs and Creator zone to go beyond the normal emotional caregiving by helping emotional experience recipients take their emotional regulation to new levels. 

Emotions are important in our lives. There are several ways emotions are classified; for simplicity, we refer to the Plutchik Wheel of Emotions in our emotions categories. We go beyond eight primary emotions of anger, anticipation, joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, and disgust, and allow emotional experience creators to pick the suitable number of emotions from 32. It is important to understand why someone would want an emotional experience, ask potential buyers relevant questions,  and take care of safety


At Emotions Market, we only publish classified emotional experience ads - all business is done between emotional experience creators and experience recipients directly.