Emotional experience recipient (buyer)

Emotional experience recipient or buyer of emotional experience is and must be the focus of experience created on emotions.market. In the same way as sensory experience recipient is the focus of the experience. Our emotional experience creators are emotionally intelligent, caring and inventive people, who come up with unique ways of processing a specific emotion like sadness or surprise

Here at Emotions.market we refer to 32 emotions by Plutchik's Wheel - there exists different emotional classification models: Circumplex model, Vector model, Positive activation – negative activation (PANA) model, PAD emotional state model and more, yet we've selected Plutchik's wheel of emotions since it's a three-dimensional model that is a hybrid of both basic-complex categories and dimensional theories. 

Every emotional experience should concentrate on the emotions of the recipient

For example, for a listening experience, buyer/recipient and seller/creator - would be experiencing different emotions. Emotional experience recipient (the person who is talking) may be experiencing emotions like aggressiveness, loathing or rage. Creator - the listener - is likely to experience different emotions like pensiveness, contempt, or even annoyance. It is important, that only buyer's emotions are being focused on.

When selecting an emotional experience, buyers will look at whether the experience is matching their needs and wants. It is therefore very important, while creating the experience listing, to think the process through, focus on the particular emotions, consider moderation rules and restrictions, and design the experience in the way, it will be appealing to buyers.

How does it work?

Emotional experience recipients come to Emotions market to improve their emotional balance. They may be after an emotional release experience or a sensory or an emotional enrichment experience. They may come with a specific idea in mind, or be curiously browsing emotions.market listings.  Emotional experience buyers, while browsing, can share their contact details and a message with a creator, by clicking "Request from" button on the emotional experience listing. Emotional experience creators outline what their experience contains, their price and ways in which they take payments. Any changes to the experience could also be discussed. Beyond this point, all communication between buyers and sellers happens in private - emotions.market is a classified ad board, not a marketplace. It is therefore important, that each emotional experience buyer takes control over their privacy themselves. 

Emotional experience buyers can read FAQs, learn who are emotional experience creators, how to purchase an emotional experiencewhat to share and not to share with creator and how to deal with uncomfortable questions. Some buyers prefer to use encrypted messengers for communication. 

Emotional experiences help recipients to improve emotional balance. By releasing trapped negative emotions, recipients of emotional experience feel better than before. Enriching life with positive emotions is also a great way of healthy emotional regulation and finding good balance. Sensory and sensual experiences distract emotional and sensory experience recipient from their problems and worries.

It is important to stress, that emotional experience creators at emotions.market, unless claimed otherwise, are not trained to help recipients with mental health problems, yet they can enlighten the life of the recipient with feelings, emotions and happiness.

32 emotions by Robert Plutchik's Wheel

Acceptance, Admiration, Aggressiveness, Amazement, Anger, Annoyance, Anticipation, Apprehension, Awe, Boredom, Contempt, Disappointment, Disgust, Distraction, Ecstasy, Fear, Grief, Interest, Joy, Loathing, Love, Optimism, Pensiveness, Rage, Remorse, Sadness, Serenity, Submission, Surprise, Terror, Trust, Vigilance.