Emotional enrichment

Emotions enrich life. The emotional development of a person starts at birth. It focuses on feelings and emotions, understanding how and why they occur, recognising them in themselves and others, and learning how to manage feelings and emotions. On the higher level, it's called emotional regulation.

Unfortunately, emotional regulation often goes along with emotional suppression - "inhibiting the outward signs of your inner feelings" or "sucking it up." Emotional suppression on the conscious level leads to emotional repression subconsciously and has many physiological and psychological consequences. Yet, for many of us, honest emotional expression is not a viable life option.

Suppression of emotions makes us apathetic. To avoid emotional suffering, emotional overwhelm, and emotional exhaustion, negative emotions are being pushed away rather than being processed. It also means that our reaction to positive emotions is not as authentic and vivid as it could have been.

Yet positive emotions are scientifically proven to improve life. Our emotional enrichment experiences aim to enable recipients to receive an intense portion of positive emotions to enhance emotional balance or correct emotional imbalance.

Emotionally enriching experiences

Emotionally enriching experiences would generally concentrate on positive emotions in creating an emotional experience

Animal experiences are a great example of emotionally enriching experiences. From a simple cuddle with a cat to spending time and taking care of the animal - experience can be joyful as well as exploratory and rewarding,

Art and music experiences can trigger various emotions and enrich and engage emotional experience recipients with positive emotions. How can art therapy help with emotional release?

Humour experiences are easy to get very effective emotionally enrichment experiences as humour and laugh relax and pleasure and improve the mood. Some of our creators promise to force you into laughing

Experience hosting can be truly enriching - living in someone's family, in a treehouse, boathouse, or even spending a night on a submarine!

Emotionally enriching experiences can be long-lasting over several weeks; the attention of the experience creator can work magic for someone looking for acceptance or trust.

Different types of play experiences, including quests, can give purpose to life (or, at least, engage the recipient). Learn more about different play experiences involving emotions

Religion, for some, is truly enriching, so creators of experiences related to religion offer their support within the realms of their faith.

Emotionally enriching experiences leave recipients full of positive emotions and later reminiscing, which helps to improve emotional balance.

Embracing emotional experiences will focus on one or more positive emotions: Acceptance, Admiration, Amazement, Awe, Distraction, Ecstasy, Interest, Joy, Love, Optimism, Serenity, Submission, Surprise, and Trust.

Learn how it is possible to address your fears and phobias through an emotional experience.

The individual is the architect of his own emotional experience - BARRETT (2006)

Impact of positive emotions on the emotional state of a person:

Emotions, whether positive or negative, influence our lives. The effects of this approach are not limited to one aspect of life but encompass every part of human existence. Researchers have found that they enhance relationships in the workplace, classrooms, and families and contribute to individual and interpersonal development.

In the "broaden and build" theory of positive emotions, you learn how positive emotions contribute to everyday life and military wellness. You can broaden your perspective and feelings by experiencing positive emotions. Let's dive deep to explore how emotionally enriching positive emotions play a role in our lives.

Reduces stress and calms you down:

Do you know what happens when you feel angry or distressed? Your heart rate and blood pressure may probably increase, you feel flustered, and maybe you may break into a sweat. Positive emotions such as love, joy, and interest allow your cardiovascular system to relax and return your body to a normal position.

Enhances performance:

Positive emotions bring creativity.  For instance, if you've ever been stuck trying to find a solution to a problem, positive emotions can help you think creatively about how to solve it. Positive emotions also open your mind to new possibilities, challenges, and ideas. When you learn something new or develop a new skill, you often experience these emotions.

Builds resilience:

Resilience plays a significant role in emotional regulation, which allows individuals to bounce back from stressful events and find meaning from bad experiences. For example, finding ways to experience goodness each day can stay more resilient to challenges. Positive emotions help you buffer against stress and cope more effectively with adversity.

Increases healthy choices:

Positive emotions are of different types, and each type affects our lives accordingly. For instance, happiness increases risk and enhances gain-focused behaviour, whereas contentment increases risk avoidance and loss-focused behaviour. Research shows that doctors who feel positive emotions towards their patients offer a wide range of treatment options.

Develops new relationship:

Have you ever noticed when you go to some place where everyone is laughing. You also start laughing without knowing why they are laughing. Why does this happen? This is because positive emotions are contagious. Positive feelings bring people together. They not only help you to develop a new relationship, but they also make other people more open to you.

Strengthens current relationship:

Sharing positive emotions with others strengthens your current relationship. For instance, sharing a funny video with a colleague over coffee or going for dinner with your partner. Remember, not only you, but others can also be a source of positive emotions for you. When you show positivity, the other will also do. Hence, in this way, enriching positive experiences bring us close to each other.

The future of emotionally enriching positive emotions:

If we tried to figure put each positive emotion and its impact on our lives, it’s difficult to cover in one article. Here we merely discussed the general impact of emotionally enriching experiences. The field of positive psychology is growing, so we should be able to enhance human flourishing and wellbeing. The world of positive emotion is waiting to be discovered and applied in psychology and real life.

The build up of negative emotions can have a negative impact on our relationships with close family and friends. We may be angry, or snappy with them, and say things we don’t mean. Using our emotionally enriching experiences means you can address these feelings in a safe environment.