Every experience listing needs to comply with our terms and conditions.


We do not allow listings of adult entertainment, medical services, drugs, alcohol, human parts, remains, services, or anything to do with unlocking software and weapons. We are not a directory of service professionals. Please stay away from anything illegal.

Safety measures to consider as a creator

Your safety and the safety of the experience receiver are paramount.  We, therefore, invite you to consider the following safety measures

  1. Create a new e-mail address
  2. Consider using anonymous messengers; here are a few encrypted messengers examples.
  3. Do not disclose your personal information and do not ask personal questions from buyers 
  4. Establish and communicate your rules: The exact service you offer and how (and when) you would like to be paid.
  5. Design your experience in a way that the recipient can bring a friend or a chaperone is present (i.e., you have nothing to hide)
  6. Formulate your experience wisely. Mentioning a friend who will accompany you may significantly improve your safety
  7. Consider introducing a safe word that pauses the experience (especially for sensory experiences)
  8. Test your experience on a friend or two. New perspectives will open to you. In addition, you can use our Experience Check service.
  9. Consider your responsibilities in experiences with power/control exchange; here are some examples:
    1. A blindfold tasting session, for example, puts you in control of the external environment of the recipient and their allergies
    2. Boxing Pear in your garden shed, for emotional release, requires you to remove anything fragile out of the way and meet health and safety standards
    3. Openness of experience recipient presumes that what happened stays confidential 

When designing the experience on Emotions Market, it is your responsibility to ensure it is safe and legal - we reserve the right to delete any experience and ban any users if we suspect any illegal or unsafe practices. Emotions Market cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong during your experience.

Learn more in our creator zone and creator frequently asked questions