Why would someone want an emotional experience?

An emotional experience is a content-rich event where an outside impact influences the person's emotional state. Simply put - emotional experience allows you to express, live through and process some emotions that bother you, like anger or disgust. And feel better after.

Some of us have a lot of emotions in life; others do not. Some dream of an hour being alone - others rarely get out. But what could be said about almost every one of us - we all have some trapped or suppressed emotions, which would be beneficial to release to achieve better emotional balance

Studies have shown that "suppressing emotions actually endangers your physical and psychological health and well-being. Suppression gets held in the body and creates a host of downstream effects, including anxiety, depression, stress-related illness, all the way to substance abuse and suicide." It's not good. But it's equally bad to release your emotions on your loved ones, who these negative emotions may hurt. People often regret saying something, but there is no way back.

Imagine those words you stop yourself from saying - could be said without consequences?

Said to someone else.

Here at Emotions Market, we've created a space where emotional experience recipients and sensory experience recipients come for emotional release, to get rid of angerragesadness, or disgust in controlled settings onto someone willing to help - the emotional experience creator. Others can find endorphin releaseemotionally enriching experiences, allowing for loveadmirationacceptance, and joy to be gained by the buyer - emotional or sensory experience recipient. 

Our creators developed emotional experiences of various kinds. Some allow or even provoke you to shout at them. Others will distract you with a heated debate, blind food tasting, or a free hug. Creators will listen to your complaints, help you make a decision, or even pretend to be your ex, so you can get closure. Explore our emotional experiences listings.  

By diverting your emotions into a third-party - emotional experience creator, you can ecologically unload suppressed emotions away from your loved ones, who may have suffered otherwise. This can be part of your emotional regulation and achieving a better emotional balance.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the experience as a whole - sensorysensual, and play experiences provoke interest and excitement and give positive emotions

This way, for free or a small fee, ordinary people can help each other. Money is always dealt with between the buyer and seller - if you like the emotional experience, you can find the seller's contact details on the listing.

Emotions we experience

Emotions we choose from are Acceptance, Admiration, Aggressiveness, Amazement, Anger, Annoyance, Anticipation, Apprehension, Awe, Boredom, Contempt, Disappointment, Disgust, Distraction, Ecstasy, Fear, Grief, Interest, Joy, Loathing, Love, Optimism, Pensiveness, Rage, Remorse, Sadness, Serenity, Submission, Surprise, Terror, Trust, Vigilance.

At Emotions Market, we do not intervene or control any processes going on between buyers and sellers. Read our FAQs, and learn how to buy an emotional experience and what to share with the creator.

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Have fun!