What should I share with the emotional experience creator?

It is essential that you, as an emotional experience recipient, share some information with your selected emotional experience creator.

However, it's good to wisely assess how much information is needed, as you do not want to overload the creator with details of your life.

We suggest creators ask the following questions from prospective sensory and emotional experience buyers. See our FAQs too.

 How much to share

Sending your creator lots of information or spending time on the phone may be an option, as long as both you, the emotional experience recipient and the experience creator, are happy with it - be upfront and honest.  A creator may advise you on their hourly rate. When payment takes place is important and should be discussed prior to the experience. 

On the other hand, if you provide just vital information which may be relevant, i.e., phobias, allergies, strong dislikes, and, essentially, what you expect from the experience - this can allow the emotional experience creator to easily craft the experience for you and surprise you.

Sensory experience recipients will have a different preparation for their sensory experience. For example, specific washing may be required, comfy clothes, disposable clothes, and accessories. For some experiences, you may need to agree on the stop word with your emotional experience creator. You may wish to put your thoughts in writing, as this can help you formalise your desires and for the creator - to refer to them in written form.

Do share with the experience creator 

If relevant to your experience, please share your:


Sharing information with an experience creator allows some creators to offer compliments, create 3D tours, or even save you from embarrassment.

Letting someone in your home can help with things from babysitting to sorting out deceased belongings and letting someone take care of you crying

Do not share with emotional experience creator

Sharing your name and other personal data with the creator is not advisable; in fact, there are a few anonymous encrypted messengers you can use if needed. 

Do not share your life story - creators offer a specific experience, and unless it is to listen to you - creators will not expect to be listening for hours to make a 15-min experience for you.

Your emotional experience creator may be asking you questions, and some of them may be uncomfortable. You do not have to answer them, but we ask you to be polite.