Uncomfortable questions

Your emotional experience creator may be asking you questions to understand you better as a sensory or emotional experience recipient. They often do not have hours to spend, so they will prepare some questions to allow them to identify your boundaries and desires. Understand why you want the experience in the first place.

Creation of an emotional experience is not an easy thing. If you know a person well, what they want - the job is getting simpler, but you are creating an emotional experience for a stranger - there will always be questions. 

There are no right and wrong ways here - sometimes, creators will ask lots of questions to understand the recipient. To be fair, those are usually either not very experienced creators or cases where people truly connect. There are cases where the recipient will be asking creators a lot of questions. And there will also be cases when minimal information exchange leads to a beautiful emotional or sensory experience.

Feel free to advise your experience creator that you are not comfortable answering a particular question - if it is so. Possibly, ask them what it is they are trying to achieve with their questions - maybe this way, your communication will get better.

Remember, the creator is here to care for you, but he is not the mind reader, so please be open and direct about your desires and expectations.

We've drafted a separate article on what should and should not be shared with emotional experience creators. Please see our FAQs and our Creator zone.

We do hope you enjoy emotional experiences at Emotions Market

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