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10 Reasons to become an experience creator on Emotions Market


1.      It's FREE until 2023 - join!

2.      Emotional experiences are a hot topic nowadays

3.      Emotions Market listings are being indexed by Google

4.      Have your website with a do-follow link in the listing

5.      Create an additional free stream of new clients in the UK

6.      Diversify your service portfolio into sensory and/or emotional areas

7.      Find new clients for your existing sensory experiences

8.      Get help with our optional £25 experience check service in formulating your experience

9.      Secure your future marketing, post a permanent experience listing before 31.12.2022

10.  And last but not least - experience listing on Emotions Market gives you complete control over your dealings with your client - interested buyers will share contact with you, a creator,  via a form on your listing, and from there on, you deal in private. 


Becoming an experience creator isn't for everyone, as one needs to have high emotional intelligence and care - emotional experience recipient or sensory experience recipient. See buyer and creator FAQs and our creator zone. Read 5 reasons why your emotional experience should not be listed on Emotions Market.

We don't want to charge VAT on hugs and deal with complaints

We do not handle payments or transactions. We do not vet users. It's free to post emotional experiences. We do moderate listings, and for a £25 fee, we test experiences for creators. Creators publish experiences, and interested buyers can message them without the need to register. Communicate direct, and sort out the pay between yourselves. 

We refer to 32 emotions by Plutchik's Wheel of emotions: Acceptance, Admiration, Aggressiveness, Amazement, Anger, Annoyance, Anticipation, Apprehension, Awe, Boredom, Contempt, Disappointment, Disgust, Distraction, Ecstasy, Fear, Grief, Interest, Joy, Loathing, Love, Optimism, Pensiveness, Rage, Remorse, Sadness, Serenity, Submission, Surprise, Terror, Trust, Vigilance.

What is the difference between the coach and experience creator?

The experience creator will design the experience ahead of time. In their head, the experience creator will run through the setting and design and describe senses, feelings, and emotions in a way the experience recipient will feel them. Coach, on the other hand, would normally go with a flow, not adhering to the designed plan. The advantage of working with an experience creator over a coach is the fact that you can be sure in advance of the setting and plan, and can manage your expectations of the experience you are about to receive.

 Why would you want to become an experience creator?

There are many reasons why you would want to try yourself as an experience creator, for example:

 You found yourself really good in particular situations with friends or even strangers. For example,

  • You may be known amongst your friends as someone who is best at something - maybe you can turn this into an experience?
  • You may have had a few experiences where you've made a positive change in someone's life
  • You may be good at cheering someone up
  • You can talk to someone about grief, listen to them, share your story, connect to the other person and, as a result, make them feel better
  • You may be a good listener, caring, highly emotionally intelligent person, knowing when to say something and when not to...
  • You may be great at engaging others 
  • You may be able to recognise the emotions and body language of others
  • You may be a good conflict mediator
  • You maybe be great with senses
  • You may have experience with body treatments
  • You may have the stamina and the nerves to allow someone to shout at you - helping them get an emotional release. This may actually be a part of your own emotional regulation and training
  • You may be willing to give a free hug to anyone needing it
  • You may be willing to help someone for free - either by talking to them or helping them with something. This is a very rewarding experience.