Will my emotional experience be popular?

This really depends on you and how you craft your emotional experience.

  • Start with your intention - if your intention is good and focused on the emotional experience recipient rather than yourself - this is a great start.
  • Understand why someone would want an emotional experience.
  • To make your emotional experience popular - think of it from the recipient's point of view. Which emotions is the recipient supposed to feel? Write it down for yourself so you can refer to it later.
  • Emotions - when considering the emotions of your experience - look at the Emotions Wheel and decide on the emotions you want to address. 
  • Think about where your experience may go wrong and prepare. Adding a few clarifications and restrictions at this point is normal.
  • Test it on a friend! It's free, fun and is usually very helpful.
  • Think about who your potential buyers are and ensure your listing clearly addresses their emotional pains and aggression directly and respectfully. To be popular, your emotional experience should provide viewers with a clear glance as to what they will derive from the experience.
  • Do not overload your emotional experience listing with details. Put there just enough to get interested buyers to get in touch.
  • Image of your experience is also a key to popularity - make the most of it (ideally under 200kb).
  • Consider using our £25 experience check service to test your emotional experience and give it a better exposure
  • Share your listing on your social media!


Popular emotional experiences are usually quite focused, concise, and regularly updated. Check our creator zone and FAQs for more information. Create your emotional experience today - it's free to post your classified ad on Emotions Market - and your potential buyers will contact you via the form on your listing. However, there are some reasons you do not want your emotional experience to be too popular - being bombarded with tens of requests per day with no output is not exactly what you want.

There are few things you can do to limit the popularity of your emotional experience

  1. Setup realistic price and payment methods
  2. Address questions you get from prospective buyers by editing your listing
  3. Put a few restrictions, i.e., who should avoid the experience, who may dislike your experience 
  4. Do not overpromise
  5. Advise realistic delivery timeline of your experience

 Learn more in our creator zone, and best of luck creating your experience.